Easy Does It

From Courage to Change, p 115, April 24

When something isn’t working the way I think it should, I can think about the slogan, “Easy Does It.” Instead of redoubling my effort, I can slow down and reassess the situation. The answer I seek may be staring me in the face, but sometimes I have to let go of what I’m doing before I can see it.

I was trying to zip a removable lining back into my coat, but it wasn’t working. I pushed as hard as I could, trying to force it to slide, but it wouldn’t budge. Finally I saw that I had been trying to fit the lining’s zipper into the coat’s front zipper. No wonder I couldn’t make it work!

How many times in my life have I done the same thing: forced a solution? I’ve tried to “zip” myself to people and situations that didn’t “fit” me, becoming frustrated and disheartened in the process. But I’ve learned that easy does it. I can take the time to see if I “match” what I think I want before I jump in and start “zipping.” My life is more serene because I’m not pushing to make myself fit somewhere I don’t belong.

Today’s Reminder

If my plans hit a snag today, I will step back for a moment and take a calm look at the situation before moving ahead.

“Easy Does It.” . . . Think about it when you’re in a hurry to do something and everything seems to go wrong . . . You’ll be surprised how much this one little idea can do for you.” ~Youth and the Alcoholic Parent

I really needed this slogan yesterday, when I tried to force a solution with my student, K. The end result was, neither she nor I “won.” She ended up achieving another day of math avoidance, and I still need to find a way to help her know she is capable of doing the math and be willing to learn it.

Father I pray for K and I the rest of this week. Help me to stop trying to force a solution but rather to step back, take a breath, and reassess the situation instead of deepening the power struggle.


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