Notorious Sinners

I’ve found I’m a rare Christian, in that I don’t happen to believe homosexual sex between two committed adult partners is a sin.  Maybe I’ll blog about why some time, so some fellow Christians can rant and rave and call me names (because that’s, sadly, what happens).  However, that’s not what I’m blogging about today. Continue reading


Why Do Crack Dealers Still Live With Their Moms?

The death rate [in a gang is] 7% per person per year. . . .The death rates on death row from all causes, including execution, 2% a year.  So it’s a lot safer being on death row than it is selling drugs out on the street. Continue reading

Nothing to Fear but Nothing to Fear

What a beautiful, deeply moving, heartfelt, lyrically written entry.  I have nothing to add.  Just go read it, please.

Since the moment I knew I was alive I have never feared death. Through any spiritual incarnation of my beliefs, even when I believed there was a hell, I didn’t fear death. I have been near it, I have sought it, I have wondered about it, and I have never felt a moment’s fear about it.

However, like any proper egomaniac, I have feared life without me.  (Read more from Nikol Hasler)