Nothing profound…

I’ve gone a week without writing, which bothers me, because it’s a symptom of a spiritual problem I have brewing.  Father had been showing me something huge about myself almost every morning during my time with him.  In the past week, this has not been the case, for a couple reasons.

1)  I have not been spending the quantity of time in the mornings that I recently was.  Twenty minutes with father in the morning is better than nothing, but neither Father nor I are satisfied with 20 minutes alone together.  When I think about human relationships, 20 minutes per day alone together is enough time to touch base and check in, but not nearly enough time to get into deep conversation.  It’s only been a week, but I miss the deep conversation.

2)  I allowed myself to get addicted to a computer game again.  I had been doing a very good job putting those things aside and spending time on more worthwhile things lately, but this past week was a slip.  I spent way too much time playing a mindless game, and the fruit of that is…nothing.  No fruit springs from playing computer games.

3)  Father has been showing me things about myself, but they are smaller things, more easily conveyed in the short time I have allotted for him.  This morning, he inspired me to pray for someone specific on my drive to work.  Then, he showed me that the prayer that was needed was to pray against Satan’s attempts in this person’s life.  He has given me peace in a thousand tiny, tangible ways with the hearing loss my son is experiencing.  He is reminding me how far I have come in my recovery, when he shows me that someone is on my mind out of a true concern for that person, with no thought of that person’s acceptance or rejection of me.  Father is around, hanging out, enjoying “doing life” with me.

Even so…as much as I enjoy doing life with Father, I also need to return to making time for more, longer, deeper one-on-one conversations with him.  Tonight, before I go to bed, clothes will be laid out for everyone and lunches will be packed.  I will not only set my alarm, but also remember to set my backup alarm.  Tomorrow, when the alarm goes off, I will remember that time with Father is more rejuvenating than any amount of sleep, and I will get up.

Readers, how often do you spend time with Father?  What does it look like?  Do you have to be intentional in planning for it?  What kinds of practical things do you do to remind yourself to stop and take that time?


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