Yes, but…

I stink at apologizing.  The first time I remember being forced to apologize to someone as an adult, it was when I loosed my sharp tongue upon a human resources worker regarding an insurance screw up.  My dad happened to be a vice president at the company where I worked, and it hadn’t been twenty minutes before my cell phone rang.  “You will apologize to her, Amy.”  I had no choice in the matter. Continue reading


Accepting the things we cannot change

My son made dinner for the family one day last week, which included a tuna salad.  After the family had eaten, he discovered there was just enough tuna left to have some for his lunch the next day.  He was thrilled!  And then…he walked away. Continue reading

Who Am I?

Laughing Amy

From Courage to Change, page 125, May 4

Who am I?  When I came to Al-anon, I thought I knew the answer to that question, but I discovered that my answers were all out-of-date because I had long ago stopped asking myself who I was.  I could tell you about the alcoholics and everyone else in my life–their likes and dislikes, opinions, feelings–but I had no such answers for myself. Continue reading

Let Go and Reach Out

Courage to Change, Page 123, May 2

Sometimes I become so busy staring at my problems that I miss the guidance I’m being given. When I become willing to let go of the need to do it by myself, I can listen to others and receive direction from my [Father].  I become better able to move beyond my problems and start solving them. Continue reading


From Courage to Change, page 122:

There are many areas of my life that I cannot change. What I can change is my attitude. Today I can accept my life as it is. I can be grateful and happy, here and now, with what I have.

“Life holds so much–so much to be so happy about always. Most people ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can be felt only if you don’t set conditions.” ~Artur Rubinstein

Facing Problems

From Courage to Change, page 121, April 30:

I have no idea why the faucet in my bathroom started dripping. Handling the situation with great patience, I watched it drip. And drip and drip. Sometimes I tried adjusting the knob, but I really expected it to stop dripping by itself. Naturally it didn’t work out that way. The problem got worse and eventually did extensive damage. Finally I had to call for help. Continue reading

Easy Does It

From Courage to Change, p 115, April 24

When something isn’t working the way I think it should, I can think about the slogan, “Easy Does It.” Instead of redoubling my effort, I can slow down and reassess the situation. The answer I seek may be staring me in the face, but sometimes I have to let go of what I’m doing before I can see it. Continue reading