Why Do Crack Dealers Still Live With Their Moms?

The death rate [in a gang is] 7% per person per year. . . .The death rates on death row from all causes, including execution, 2% a year.  So it’s a lot safer being on death row than it is selling drugs out on the street. Continue reading


The Gift

I used to have complete control over every aspect of my children’s lives.  I homeschooled, so their education was under my purview.  They were with me all day long, so their behavior was managed by me.  I even did my best to manipulate their relationships with each other and with their father.  They mostly had access to only the food I provided them.  Since I of course want only the best for my children, this all meant they received an excellent education, navigated their relationships well, and got lots of healthy food and physical exercise. Continue reading