I’m back…

Back from my crazy weekend, and too tired to write too much tonight, but checking in to say it was a pretty darned good weekend.

I was late to my family reunion in Chillicothe, Ohio, due to first sleeping through my alarm, and then construction and detours turning a five-hour drive in to a 6 1/4-hour one.  Being late is typically one of my triggers – after all, it makes me out of control and imperfect!  Being stuck in traffic is also one of my triggers.  I was, however, able to hang onto my serenity.  Also, I got to see people whom I love and whom I never get to see, such as my big brother, my Grandma, and my sister/niece/nephew.

Later that day, I drove an hour to drop off the boys at their father’s house, but nobody was home!  And nobody was answering their cell phones.  Finally, I thought to ask Jody if he had Katie’s (dad’s girlfriend) number, and he said no, but he had Carlen’s (dad’s girlfriend’s son LOL) so I said call him!  Carlen was with his father, but was able to give Jody his mom’s number and tell us that they were out shopping together.  I talked to dad and agreed to drive yet another 30 minutes north to meet him in the parking lot of a local park to transfer the children.  Also, he still has not done something important regarding residual joint property that I asked him (and he agreed) to do three weeks ago.  All that, and still feeling only mildly annoyed, and still serene.

I said goodbye to the kiddos, and drove to my mother’s house to spend the night.  Talk about your major serenity buster!  If anything was going to ruin my serenity, it was going to be this.  However, while I did catch myself several times saying things calculated to garner her approval, I was not disappointed at all when I did not receive it.  This is definitely progress in my recovery.

I feel the need to add, all this has nothing to do with my mother or her actual behavior.  Mom was actually very loving and attentive.  She fed me, she chatted with me, we exchanged book titles, watched TV, and played with the dog together.  This is not about Mom, it’s about my attitudes and thought patterns about Mom.

I was rewarded for maintaining all this serenity with two stops on the way back to Michigan at lovely antique malls, where I shopped until I was ready to drop.  This is my happy place.  Here is a picture of my haul, in case you’re into such things.

Blue distressed chair (very sturdy), orange plank with coathooks, pyrex casserole in pink daisy, pyrex casserole in flamingo, pyrex chartreuse small mixing bowl, pyrex flamingo round cake pan, pyrex chartreuse square cake pan, ice cream scoop, sieve, cast iron skillet, beautiful and colorful Coca Cola tray.

All that to say…I am, as usual, grateful for my program, grateful for my continued recovery, grateful for my heavenly Father, and grateful for antique malls!

And now, to leave you with a song.  Apropos of nothing.  I just really, really like this song, and have been playing it loud and singing my head off all weekend, whenever the opportunity presented itself.  Enjoy!